Aviva Explora Travel Kit + Service

  • Aviva Explora
     A travel service and kit for the adventurous and spontaneous millennial
  • The Aviva Explora experience delivers a new and exciting way to travel for millennials who want to go somewhere extraordinary and spontaneously without hassle. For my twenty-week B.F.A. Senior Project, I developed the Aviva Explora service and modeled a physical travel kit based on primary and secondary research such as surveys, interviews, and market analysis. Travel is different for everyone as people have various motives, likes, dislikes, and pain points throughout their journeys. The purpose of Aviva Explora is to create a new, enjoyable change in the routine for any explorer regardless of age, ability, and travel experience.
    When a customer purchases an Aviva Explora travel kit, they are eligible to sign up for the Aviva Explora travel service with a QR code given in the kit. The service helps match travelers with preferred destinations based on interests and travel type as well as discounted rates for travel.
  • The Solo Adventurer Aviva Explora kit was created and is pictured above. Items included are three packing cubes in various sizes, a satellite messenger, mini-binoculars, a water bottle, and a travel organizer.
  • The large Aviva Explora packing cube is made from rip-stop nylon and reinforced with duck cloth to help retain its shape. Inside, a plastic compartment houses all the items and has a foam bottom to protect the items while in transit.
  • Both nylon packing cubes have metal grommets attached to their corners. A carabiner, paracord, or any sort of chain can be looped through to carry the cubes.
  • Staying hydrated is an important part of any adventure big or small. The lantern waterbottle was 3D printed in FDM (Fused Disposition Modeling) plastic and Polycarbonate (PC-ISO) plastic. All components inside are clear so that a light can shine through the top cap, illuminating the whole bottle when it’s dark outside.
  •  The miniature travel binoculars were created using the metal lathe and wood lathe. Materials are comprised of high density foam, poplar wood, acrylic plastic, paracord, and FDM 3D printing. The satellite messenger was printed with FDM plastic.
  • The travel organizer is made of leather and machine stitched. Inside of the travel organizer, a QR code is placed inside so that the customer can sign up for the Aviva Explora service to schedule a trip.
  • When a traveller scans their QR code, they are taken to the Aviva Explora website that can be accessed by computer or phone. It then prompts them to enter all necessary information to pair them to destinations.