Light Finding Operation

  • Based on a smart glass mirror laid parallel over an image sensor, this concept illustrates the the adaptation of the battery grip SLR format camera mated with post-film era technologies.
    This project and its materials was conceived off in 2008 when 'mirrorless SLR' cameras was at its infancy.
  • This is a concept spread initiated at the start of 2008. Shortly after putting this together in 2010, Sony released the α33 pellicle mirror based cameras.
  • The conjecture of an image capturing element independent of a screen connected via a smartphone app was further solidified as recently as September 2013 when Sony released the QX10 and Q100 lens cameras.
  • Nikon's design direction also signalled a shift back to the Giugaro era F3 styling and F4 funtioning with the introduction of the Df in November 2013.
  • There was an advertising campaign for electric shavers and I was interested in a literal decomposition of a having a good grip on your next shave.