Retrospect Hotel

  • Retrospect Hotel
    Let the fifties loose.
  • This project was to completely invent a new hotel for Las Vegas, and then develop a full campaign to promote it.  The hotel that I designed with my group was a sixties-themed, family friendly hotel.  The hotel offers features such as roller rink, soda fountain (also alcoholic beverages), pools, vintage-styled casinos, and an architectural design that makes it have the best view of the Vegas skyline.  The building will be very similar to Tower of Americas restaurants, but will be painted with a swirling red pattern on the base to mimic a classic soda fountain straw, with a large dollop of whipped cream and a cherry on the very top.
    For the campaign, we developed 3 print ads, a billboard, and storyboards for both a :30TV spot and a web banner.  My primary job on this assignment was to write all the copy throughout the campaign, but I also helped with art direction.
    Our strategy was to show that coming to the Retrospect Hotel will transform you into a 50s classic icon.  Once you walk in the doors, you walk into the fifties.