Flying Saucers (writing ribs)

  • The goal of this project was to learn the basics of how 3D scenes are created by Pixar's Renderman rib files. Rib files are generated autiomaticaly by programs such as Maya or Houdini, but writing the rib files myself using a text editor focuses more on specific generated elements (such as geometry, shaders, and lights). This also helped me to understand the coordinate system in Renderman's workflow, and how the camera is actually fixed, while the coordinate system of the scene moves around it.
    I created a teapot (shaped like a UFO) using very basic forms built up on one another. This process involved a lot of trial and error as I worked. I also explored the relationship of shaders and their various inputs, giving me a better overall understanding of the inner workings of the shaders in Maya.
    This entire scene was created, lit, textured, and rendered using a text editor and Renderman's RIS renderer. Process and turntable below.