1295 Brewing Co.

  • 1295 Brewing Co.
    Indian Pale Ale / Eighty Shilling
  • Brewers Statement.

    You can learn a lot from beer, it may be the cultures from the roots of a particular brew, or the conversations that two people can have while enjoying certain beers. With that said, I want this beer label to invoke thought, it may take some images of hard times or times of prosperity from the birth place of that beer style.
  • 1295 Brewing Co. represented by Benjamin Hough, and operated out of Minnesota.

    This project was a complete design from the ground up creating brand identity and carrying it through to the final package. Whilst exploring the idea of a black bottle to separate itself from the rest. Ben is a home brewer who was looking to go to the next level, this new package took him there. 1295 was taken from Ben's house number, then brewing co. just fell under it. 

    Collaboration with, Taylor Pemberton

  • 1295 Brewing Co. / Ben Hough / St. Paul, Minnesota -  In collaboration with // Taylor Pemberton - Ben Hough