Nike Projection Mapping

  • MOME 309 - Concepts in Motion Media. The assignment was to create a 30 second spot for any sports brand based on inspirational quotes we were given. I chose a line of a speech by Harriet Tubman, "every great dream begins with a dreamer" to set the mood for my project. I was inspired to do a projection on a Nike shoe based off a recent ad I saw for the Nike Free RN Flyknit. My moodboard reflects geometric shapes bright colors to represent how every person has a different dream and how we can customize our dreams, just like how you can customize your Nike's. My original plan was to project onto the side silhouette of the shoe, but that proved to be too challenging. I then looked at the bottom of the shoe and instantly was inspired by the many shapes. The silhouette was laser cut onto a piece of MDF that is 18" tall and 47" wide. The end result was something even more amazing than I originally thought. Enjoy!
  • This is the video file that was being projected onto the cut out of the shoe. 
  • Here is a behind the scenes video for the process of how I put everything together. Shot on a Canon 60D, GoPro, and used MadMapper for the projection.
  • Recording of the projection on the shoe.