The Lost Bill -

  • *Disclaimer: The piece was created solely for the purpose of the One Show Young Ones Competition and was not commissioned by the client.
    One Show 2016 (Young Ones) - BRONZE

    The Fair Pay Act was passed in 2009. Yet, the wage-gap still exists today at
    a staggering 22% between men and women.
    Novelty dollar bills are placed around locations where people would be more
    likely to find lost money, e.g. vending machines. The bills contain a message
    highlighting the wage-gap disparity. Furthermore, directing the finders/readers
    to and support their efforts to bring the Fair Pay Act into practice.

  • Credits
    Art Director: Rushil Nadkarni, Jocelyn Morera
    Copywriter: Rushil Nadkarni, Jocelyn Morera
    School: Savannah College of Art and Design