Mad Men Website Design

  • I was assigned to design a web site for a fictional business so I chose the ad company Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce from the TV show Mad Men.  
    Assignment: The client has come to us in hopes of upgrading their digital presence by means of attracting new social media fans and follows, greater online presence, and a better expansion and personification of their brand. Our task will be to build out deliverables at several steps in order to get buy-in and approval from the client at each point in thedesign process.  Additionally, our client wants some help in narrowing the direction of their brand, particularly as it pertains to internalizing an archetype and voice they can use across channels moving forward. The logo will remain the same, but typography, colors, imagery, and copy are up for discussion as it relates to the brand recommendations we make.
  • Mood Board
  • Assignment: The client wants to see early ideas for developing hierarchy and flow for the home page, both at a desktop
    and mobile resolution. Deliver a fairly low fidelity wireframe to the client illustrating where we envision copy and content going on the page
  • Wireframe
  • Assignment: Present finished designs to the client. This presentation will include mobile and desktop versions of both thehomepage and the primary function page, based on the client’s business goals. It’s important that all of the previous
    milestones, the feedback received, and the alterations in direction they prompted are discussed and that the
    final design is show to clearly exhibit the purpose of the site as it relates to their business goals.
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