Atlanta Film Festival Interactive Hologram

  • I was invited to bring my hologram to the 2016 Atlanta Film Festival as part of a tribute to the 40th anniversary. With the use of the leap motion controller, users would be able to control different graphics from the front view of the hologram. When the user pushed their hand down like an imagery button, it would fire off a couple of lightning graphics. The leap also tracked up, down, left, right, and forwards and backwards movements of the users' hand which would allow them to move particles around in the environment.
  • User experience of interactive graphics. 2D graphics were adapted from
    Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong, Alex Watson, and Brendon Murphy.
  • 55 second loop of what is displayed on the screen for the hologram to be functional.
  • One additional feature I added from my last hologram with Farmer Ghost is a cooling system. I realized my computer and monitor would get hot after running for a long period of time. So I bought some small electronic fans and built a back door for the holograms housing. One fan sucks cold air in, which the other blows warm air out. This helped to create a constant current of fresh air into the housing.