A city park designed for the City of Charlotte, North Carolina with the triple bottom line (people + profit + planet) in mind.

    The name “Thrive” represents the ultimate goal of the park: to create positive growth and success for the residents, economy, and environment of Charlotte. The park name was established with the word “Thrive” alone, as opposed to “Thrive Park”, in order to place clear emphasis on succeeding while, also, acting as a gentle reminder to park-goers that they come to the park to thrive.

    The identity program utilizes a reoccurring theme of blue and green outlines coming together in the logo and various brand elements. This was done to represent everything coming together in the park: residents come to collaborate and build community, while economic success meets green sustainability. The symbol in the logo is a “P”, which depicts the “P” in park and the physical park map. The word “Thrive” cuts through the “P” so that the line of "P" and the "I" in “Thrive” line up. This was intentionally done to subtly allude to the idea of "I thrive when I go to the park" —the way park-goers should feel. The logo never fully says "I thrive" or "Thrive Park", but rather, the idea is expressed in a non-obtrusive way.

    Design Includes
    Logo / Identity System

    Park Map
    Icons (wayfinding + user interface)
    Environmental Graphics (static + interactive)
    Mobile App
    Memorabilia (t-shirts + canvas totes)

    Semifinalist Adobe Design Achievement Awards May 2016

    CLICK HERE for process work.