A Little Dragon Trouble Visual Development

  • A glance of my first short digital comic I began drawing April 2016. I also included some visual development and concept art. I'm new to the webcomic world, so any advice and helpful critique is welcome. I'm doing this comic as practice.

  • scene two storyboards.
  • Floating Moon the Magical Wish Dragon. Her design is based on the lion costume from the lion dance and the stone lions in front of some China Town gates. I know they are not dragons, but their adorable. Floating Moon is a baby dragon, and has not yet learned how to control her powers.
  • While this is sort of a Chinese New Year story, the dragon that Jacob pulls out from his DrakeDuel card deck isn't Chinese. It's a fantasy card game, therefore some of the dragons are going to look non-traditional. Jacob's particular deck of cards is made up of strong brutish Earth Dragons. At first I imagined him summoning a Chinese looking dragon that can fly and breathe fire, but after some thought it was more fun to have a huge dragon smashing the town, destroying everything with it's strength and horns.   
  • Thank you for viewing.