CNN The Seventies

  • After the success of CNN's 'The 60s' series, I had the pleasure of working on the spots for the follow up series covering the 1970s. Breaking away from the archival photography and CG heavy looks from the 60s, this package went photo-real with motion control shoots and photo-real 3D modeling.
    My role on this project ranged from tracking the practical polaroids for replacement of the photographs, to modeling, texturing, animating and lighting various polaroids as well as overall color correction, grading and sweetening.
    I was fortunate to work with some extremely talented directors, animators, designer and producers on this project without whom such a fantastic finished product could not have come to life.
    Loyalkaspar has a more-complete <a href="">case study</a> on their website; be sure to check it out to get a glimpse at the whole project!