Duracell Batteryturn Posters

  • Duracell Batteryturn Posters
    Art Direction 2 | Winter 2012

  • Deliverable:

    Graphic Design, Art Direction

    I found the statistic that as of right now, only 2% of household batteries are actually recycled, when over 2.9 billion are bought in the United States alone every year. So I wanted to get people thinking, what if you only had 2% of something else in your life?
  • The body copy is the same on all of the posters. It reads: Acceptable? I think not. Just like the fact that only 2% of household batteries are recycled each year, and yet 2.9 billion are thrown into our landfills causing unnecessary pollution. Come on America, we can do better than that. 

    Tagline: Join the 2%.