Digital Fashion Illustrations

  • This look was a sketch from my MFA Thesis Process Book. The illustration was originally hand-drawn on paper. The line work was traced and digitally rendered using Adobe Photoshop. Fabrics were used as fills and highlights and shading was added using the Dodge and Burn tools. Different blending modes were used to achieve a softer look.
  • This sketch was prepared for an avant-garde space collection for Charles James design house. The illustration was hand-drawn on paper then Live Traced in Adobe Illustrator. All colors were added in Illustrator, then certain aspects were exported and further rendered in Adobe Photoshop.
  • This illustration was drawn free hand in Adobe Illustrator using the Blob Brush tool. It was based on a look from J.W. Anderson’s Pre-Fall 2016 collection. This collection gave me an intergalactic feel, so that is the direction that I went in for the illustration. I chose a more graphic style and look. The “blob” element was used as a motif that repeated in the illustration as a print and background fill.
  • This illustration was drawn free hand using the Brush Presets in Adobe Illustrator. It was based on a fringe shift dress from the Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2016 collection. The model’s hair was natural and it served as the inspiration for this illustration. I created “kinky curly” motifs with the brush tool and used them for the background.