Small & Heavy, Big & Light

  • This project was inspired by chronic knee pain. It is something I have been dealing with since I was 14. I wanted to create two pieces that shows both the strength and fragility of the human body. Our bodies are supposed to support us and be strong, but sometimes we forget just how fragile they actually are.
  • The "strength" ring was the Small and Heavy part of this project. It symbolizes how, even if you are in pain, you must keep going and you will make it through the pain. The hollow construction top is made from nickel silver and I left gaps in the hollow construction to show that our bodies are not always as solid as we want them to be. I used 8 gauge copper wire for the bottom of the ring to serve as a gripping device. The ring feels very strong and solid in your hand and being able to grip the wire while wearing the ring reinforces this feeling.