Leather Varsity Patches

  • L E A T H E R    V A R S I T Y    P A T C H E S   -   F E B.   2 0 1 6 

    *Last April, I started trying out techniques of hand-lettering using an experimental appliqué process and the leatherwork
    training I recieved while working for Kristin Mariani. (RedShift) Since then, I've undertaken as many appliqué
    projects as I can get away with producing, and started up a little online shop for handmade goods. 

    Using the leftover letters from projects over the past year, I assembled these varsity-inspired lettered patches in leather and felt. This is the first batch of stand-alone initialed patches I've gotten to make, and my first time mixing leather and felt in the same project,
    so of the 50+ patches I made, these ones survived my learning curve - let's hope there will be many more to follow! 

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    *It's been a long time since I've posted new projects here, so I just wanted to extend a big thank-you to the folks who've stuck around, 
    and a hello to anyone checking out my work for the first time! Gotta love Behance - 
  • Patches are available for purchase through my shop on BigCartel - thanks again for looking!!