Redonkulary® Word Game

  •  Redonkulary® is the hilarious nonsense word game where creativity and persuasion win! This portable game includes 60 spiral-bound word-part cards with over 200,000 possible combinations. Score sheets included. Laughter guaranteed!
    Players take turns as the “Donkster” (judge), inventing words by combining one word part from each of the three randomly chosen cards. The other players then create “definitions” for the new word and try to convince the Donkster to choose theirs. Everyone takes turns as the Donkster, and there is no “right” or “wrong” answer—just fun!
    This project included interactive packaging design, printed collateral, and an ecommerce web design. A game for ages 9-99, the design and layout needed to be simple, fun, and engaging. The content needed to be organized in a way that would be easily digested and understand by any individual, yet also visually stimulating and engaging.