Filmmaking Culture Investigation

    It was enlightening to see such a respect for the creatives' own passion and desire to be seen and heard through their craft. We carefully obeserved first hand how film sets worked in both the professional arena as well as on the set of an underground student film. Despite having a relatively small budget and a non-existent one ,respectively, we saw a great commitment to collaboration and teamwork. Each setting provided us with little to no desire for hierarchy and status quo. 
    The making part of this process revolved around the emerging themes from our Primary Research Phase. The tool we found most interesting was pre-ideation. This occurred prior to our Analysis and Synthesis phases forcing us to come up with more than 50 ideas related to things learned so far. The emerging themes were then clustered and separated into coded categories. 
    Categories were were renamed Filmgwarts (Education), A Walk Through Time (History), A Meeting Of Hearts (Innate Passion), A Helping Hand (Social Consciousness), Trusty Companions (Equipment) and Dreamworks for ideas that can only be described as out there, wicked or near impossible.