• A Different Kind of Mens  Magazine
    La Sapé Magazine is a quarterly publication that provides a refreshing alternative to the typical men’s lifestyle and fashion magazine. “La Sape” is a French slang word for “style,” and also an abbreviation based on the phrase ‘The Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People’. Inspired by the extraordinary story of the Society of Sapeurs from Brazzaville, Congo, the magazine embodies a mindset and lifestyle of a new generation of men that defy their circumstances and live ‘Joie De Vivre’ (The Joy of Life) while upholding personal style and creative thinking. The publication covers the lives and compelling stories of innovative men such as these in today’s modern world.
  • Custom Typography 
    The Vibrant and colorful nature of the magazine needed a distinct typographic treatment for the masthead to truly set it apart as a unique type of mens fashion and lifestyle magazine. The typograhy also needed to reflect the magazine's concept and create semblance to the lifestyle of the dapper sappeurs from Brazaville, Congo  . The soloution was to create custom typography based off bold and clean geometric lines and shapes which allowed a playful use of color alluding vibrant African patterns and  textures.
    The Magazine was designed to exist digitally as well on Ipad and Android providing a greater depth of content with access to videos, interviews online retail spaces with direct access to clothes and products.