Odd: The Paradox of Primes (Exhibition Deliverables)

  • The goal was to create graphic deliverables for a hypothetical museum exhibition, based on a particular topic - artist/idea. My concept began with prime numbers and their literal & metaphorical qualities. Below is the design for the interior walls of this hypothetical exhibition. The wall is divided into a grid made out of squares, which begin from the number 1 up to 540. All the prime numbers that fall in between 1-540, are coloured in primary colours.
  • Exhibition Walls:
  • Narrative Literature:
  • Below is the narrative literature that would accompany the exhibit. It is a poem called, A Love Story for Lonely Prime Numbers, written by mathematician, Harry Baker. 
  • Packaging Design:
  • Below is the packaging design for the souvenirs that could be bought from the museum gift shop. These are drawers that contain office stationery, packaged in quantities of odd numbers.