Foundations Collection

  • Foundations Collection
    sterling silver, faceted and cabochon stones, cocobolo wood
  • Memories of spending time outdoors with my grandparents at their house inspired this collection titled foundations. As a child, I spent countless hours playing around the fishpond, running through the gardens, and napping under the walnut trees. This collection provides glimpses of those experiences and interactions using my own aesthetic of portraying familiar, natural forms through an often-unexpected geometric approach. Natural materials including semi-precious stones and cocobolo wood are highlighted adding a warmth and depth in this modern yet nostalgic collection.
  • aqua-serene
    sterling silver, aquamarine, tanzanite, white topaz

    Aqua-Serene captures the essence of a peaceful waterfall. Fine chain and splashes of colorful stones add to the serene quality of this sculptural ring.
  • rose beds
    sterling silver, blue topaz

    Rose Beds was inspired by the architecural grid layout of my grandfather’s rose gardens. The featured blue topaz adds color and references a cool, refreshing water fountain.
  • through the fence
    sterling silver, garnet

    Poppy flowers surrounding the fence at my grandparents’ house initiated the design for this neckpiece. The branch form rests delicately on the shoulder interacting with and framing the face. It features faceted garnets and contains a hidden mechanism allowing it to be easily worn. Three geometric cages spin adding a sense of playfulness.
  • sterling silver, cubic zirconia, peridot

    Liquid Escape was inspired by the movement of a flowing fountain. Liquid chains with faceted stones swirl around the form creating the feeling of a tranquil oasis.
  • transformation
    sterling silver, mystic topaz, citrine, garnet

    This brooch shows the journey of the botanical growth process. The transformation begins with a seedthat sprouts into a flower and concludes with a branching shade plant. This process is shown using a structure of hierarchy with accents of colorful faceted stones.
  • garden of time
    sterling silver, amethyst, citrine, tanzanite, iolite, rhodalite garnet, cubic zirconia

    Memories of summertime picnics with family members influenced this bracelet. Colors and textures of blooming flowers and quilted fabric create feelings of nostalgia. A hinge clasp mechanism is hidden away providing an easy transition and seamless flow from one link to the next.
  • link to the past
    sterling silver, blue topaz, cocobolo

    Shapes and forms of lincoln log toys and building blocks inspired link to the past. Cocobolo wood pieces reference the color and texture of the toys while the form adds to the building and stacking notion. A clasp mechanism is hidden allowing a smooth transition and flow.
  • new growth
    sterling silver, carnelian, garnet, cocobolo

    New Growth, a platform for an experimentation in materials, led to the use and incorporation of wood in the collection. Carved wood elements provide a contrast to faceted garnets and carnelian cabochons adding a new sense of richness and warmth.
  • melody of a memory
    sterling silver, aquamarine, cubic zirconia

    Memories of singing while playing and dreaming by the goldfish pond at my grandparents’ house inspired melody of a memory. Lyrics of a favorite childhood song, Somewhere over the Rainbow, are etched on the back of the piece providing a sense of familiarity and nostalgia.
  • sterling silver, cocobolo, andalusite

    Leisure time was inspired by memories of time spent swinging in the hammock under the walnut trees at my Nanny's house. The upper sterling silver bar was forged and formed to mimic the form of a tree branch and rests comfortably across the back of the neck. Hand lathed cocobolo wood beads cascade down the front of the neckpiece while multiple layers of chains add volume and movement. An andalusite gemstone marks the location of the hidden clasp making this statement piece easy to secure and wear.