Anti-Bullying, Girl vs. Girl
  • This is an integrated campaign for the anti-bullying organization NVEEE (National Voices for Equality, Education, and Enlightenment).  We targeted the bystanders--people who don't do anything when they see others being bullied.  The approach was to have the victim sarcastically thanking the bystander for their participation in the bullying.  I worked in collaboration with a team of graphic design students and another advertising student.  The graphic designers were in charge of the type and layout of the ads, while my advertising partner and I developed the concept, copy, and produced the images and film.
  • This is one of three posters. 
  • The second of three posters.
  • This is the third poster.
  •  This is one of our banner ads. The first frame includes a bully insulting a victim. The viewer can then click to agree with the insult, defend the victim, or claim it's not their problem. If they choose either to agree with the bully or the 'not my problem', they will be taken to the exact same page to show that bystanders do in fact have a part in bullying whether they think they do or not.
  • The second banner ad.  It has the same concept of making it clear to the bystander that they have a part in bullying.
  • My partner and I filmed our TV spot.  It has a 'YouTube' feel, and the home video look of it we thought would be most relatable to our target audience.
  • This is the script for the previous TV spot.