• Greetings
    A 365-day project of good wishes & celebration.
  • A while back I realized, why am I not using my talents for my friends? So, I decided to put the extra effort in for my close friends and for their birthday make a card that I believe resembles our relationship in a way that is classy and eye-appealing. 

    As the project came along, I decided to expand what the subject matter of the cards were. Why stop at birthdays? There are plenty of opportunities for greetings: father's day, mother's day, Christmas, your gerbil's graduation...So, I decided to expand the project.

    =Each 'card' shown was used for REAL PEOPLE, not fictional folk.=
  • It has come to a time where something pretty cool [for me at least] has ended. The last day of the Greetings project has come, and I must say goodbye to the project. I have learned so much and hopefully have been able to put smiles on some people's faces. 

    Thank you to everyone's support & sorry if I was not able to make your birthday. 
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