Service Design Taxonomy

    The goal of this project was to faithfully represent the nature of services. A service understood as an ongoing process, which happens organically and through usually interchangeable phases, depending on individuals, their own perceptions and the context in which they are situated. A service understood as co-created value, exchanged between all actors that participate in it, actors who work together and on the same level, in order to achieve a final goal. A service understood as a complex system, made of multiple interconnected elements, that depend on and affect each other; a symbiotic ecosystem. This project was an attempt at creating a new service taxonomy that would successfully encompassed all necessary elements to understand and study a service offering. In addition, based on this structure, provide a faithful visual representation that would enable its use as a tool for the application to varying contexts, situations and individuals.
    The development of the taxonomy was lead by Mauricio Manhaes, Jonatas Maia, Ana Carolina Faria, Isabella Pineda, Manuella Schorchit and Andra Wibisono at Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah - Georgia - United States of America