Wine Bottle Packaging

  • In Ancient Greek mythology, Bacchus is the god of wine, celebration, and fertility. In the Cult of Dionysus (the Roman version of Bacchus) there are several symbols and characters that are commonly used to represent the God. The ones used in this project being, the ivy, the bull, and the serpent. These symbols appear many times throughout different stories about Bacchus’ life, starting with his “serpentine birth.” 
    The bottles are all very similar in type choices, layout, imagery, and color schemes, yet all have different aspects to them to match the symbol they represent. Each label has one embellishment that repeats throughout the bottle: on the front in the title, on the wrap around label at the top of the bottle, etched on the glass, and then again on the back label.
    Although you see Bacchus on each label, you never clearly see the Ivy, Bull, or Serpent. There is a secret back label. As the consumer drinks more of the wine, a label appears through the glass, which portrays a literal image of each symbol. 
    I learned how to sand-blast on glass to create the small etched design featured on each bottle.