For-Get Them: A Break-Up Kit

  • The idea for this project was to create a kit that contained seven items and to design the packaging for each item. The concept was a break-up kit titled “For-Get Them.” Each item in the kit was specified for a different emotion someone experiences when they deal with a break-up. For example, when someone is feeling angry about the break-up, there is a box of matches to burn the pictures of their ex in order to feel better. There is a water canteen for sadness, a glass bottle for letting go, a large bowl for comfort, a teddy bear for loneliness, a eye mask for sleep,and a perfume bottle for moving on. There are instructions for when and how to use each item on the packaging. 
     For the design aspect, several different collages were created by hand and then scanned in digitally. The only thing on each design that is digital, is the text. Each design is supposed to look personal and handmade, as if someone took a lot of time and thought to make these collages themselves.
  • The packaging and items have a vintage or retro look to them because the idea was that a girl in the 60’s or 70’s went through a break-up and decided that she would make a survival kit for her daughter when she to goes through a break-up. The packing is supposed to look hand made, vintage, and personal. This product will be sold to girls as a survival kit during a break-up. It will help them feel better and they will feel as though someone made this kit for them personally.