Financial Advising | UX/UI Rapid Prototyping

  • Project Title:
    Financial Advising | UX/UI Rapid Prototyping
    Primary Role:
    UX/UI Architect & Product Designer
    Target Audience:
    Financial advisors at BB&T, Suntrust, Fidelity, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo (and more)
    Axure Pro RP; Adobe Creative Suite; Twitter Bootstrap
    This project was a massive re-design of one of the key digital products used by financial institutions for wealth management. This enterprise tool is used as the foundational financial advising tool by banks such as BB&T, Suntrust, Fidelity, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo. My design work involved establishing and implementing a UX design process and strategy to re-envision their outdated legacy front-end interface and to become mobile friendly. With 15+ years of antiquated UI patterns and system patches and workarounds, this was a difficult challenge. I used LeanUX methods to re-define information architecture and user flows and at the same time I built working responsive prototypes that worked natively on mobile in order to validate and steer design strategies. And in the process I created a new visual language for the product and greatly simplified complex user flows. I delivered wireframes, user flows, mockups, and comprehensively annotated design specifications, as well as prototypes and final designs as blueprints for development teams.
    I served the following additional roles for this project:
    - Information Architect
    - Interactive Strategist
    - Usability Engineer
    - Product Delivery
    - Business Analyst
    - Visual Designer
    - Brand strategist
    - Art Director