Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill Rebrand

  • Client: Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill
    Project: Re-brand
    Agency: Push.
    The Project Review:
    Smokey Bones’ ownership changed from Darden to Sun Capital Partners in early 2008. At the time, the restaurant was known for barbecue food, but not much else, and was seeing declining traffic and sales. Smokey Bones’ convoluted Rocky Mountain theme didn’t resonate with many guests. Its barbecue focus limited its customer base and did not fit into the theme of a mountain lodge.  
    The goal was to rebrand Smokey Bones as a come-as-you-are place to enjoy a great time out. To achieve this, Smokey Bones needed an open and exciting atmosphere, with the bar as the centerpiece, and also a new name — Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill. A new logo, menu and signage, among other collateral, were created to showcase thisnew personality. A new Web site was developed, with a full version launched in fall 2008.  Record crowds were attracted to the first rebranded Smokey Bones at its Waterford Lakes location in Orlando, Florida. The re-brand also resulted in multiple positive media stories and record traffic and sales. As a result of the rebranding, the new brand is set to extend to other locations over the months ahead.
  • Creative Team:
    Chief Creative Officer: Chris Robb
    Creative Director: Mark Unger
    Associate Creative Director: 
    Andy MacMillan, Gordon Weller
    Director of Brand Design: Forest Young
    Art Director: Kevin Taylor
    Copywriter: Kevin Harrell
    Junior Art Director: Randall Morris
    Studio Manager: Joe Ciaramella
    Production Artist: Jordan Damato
    Art Producer: Tiffany Findley
    Photographer: John Deeb
    Illustrator: Jon Rogers
    Developers: We Like Small

    Print Regional Design Annual Award
    14 TAAN Titan Awards
    Best-In-Show ADDY Award
    Rebrand 100 Global Awards