The WPA Wes Anderson Project

    This is a series of three posters for the movies of Wes Anderson resembling the style of the Works Progress Administration travel destination campaigns. The series includes the films “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “The Darjeeling Limited,” & “The Life Aquatic.”
  • The Works Progress Administration advertising campaigns of the late 1930s–early 1940s are iconic in the fields of graphic design, travel, and nationalism. I felt that the design elements of these iconic campaigns would work well superimposed upon the work of Wes Anderson.
  •  His themes and plots often reflect a struggling sense of unity among his characters, and typically maintain a steady yet flawed main character with a seemingly strong sense of self and charisma. In light of these themes, blended with the stunning locations and production design that Wes Anderson is known for, I felt that the nationalistic and prideful themes of the WPA travel posters could mimic this as a campaign for these movies. I referenced Wes Anderson’s iconic, nostalgic themes, using the exact tones and colors used in the production design in each film to recreate the atmosphere and ambience.
  • Hand drawn then digitally rendered in Adobe Illustrator

    Featured in the Carthage College fifth annual Celebration of Scholars exposition, 2015, published showcase here.