Chameleon - Logo for BASF Fabric

    To make BASF fabric Ultramid Total Fit more appealing to the active wear market, we as the sportswear team renamed the fabric Chameleon. Chameleon is a lizard that has the ability to change colors and adapt to its environment. Chameleon’s multi-functional properties embodies the lizard’s unique abilities. The suede-like touch, quick moisture absorbency and fast drying abilities of this textile make it ideal for a variety of activities. 
    Apart from the fabric name Chameleon, a logo is generated, which is potential for other fabrics under the series of Ultramid. Additionally, the intention is to reflect the properties of softness, as well as the interchangeable quick dry and high water absorbency quality of the fabric. 
  • Different styles and various aspects are experimented to strengthen the brand identity. The design aims to communicate the rich chemistry background of BASF, the minimal and structural form, as well as the softness and bi-component spinning techniques that the fabric, Chameleon, contains. 
    The intention for the logo is to reflect the chemistry relationship within the technology and maintain the identity of BASF. The colors from the original BASF logo are adopted. Inspiring by the idea of chemical bonding, initially produced in a three dimensional form that represents the flexibility and multiple functions of the fabric, Chameleon. Later, the eye of a chameleon is imitated, which the form of hexagon ties closely with the chemistry of BASF.
    Lastly, the logo is further developed by adding the aspect of flexibility. The twisting element conveys motion, further capturing the atmosphere of sportswear.
  • Typeface
    To best reflect the mood of sportswear, a bold typeface is adopted, in the form of italic to symobolize motion. All caps is used to represent the energetic atmosphere.
    In order to test the availability of the Chameleon logo, a waterfall test is conducted. Since we are branding the fabric, various sizes are taken into consideration (product label, care label and etc). Therefore, the shape and form are minimized to achieve the best quality in printing.