Hivehold Toolbox

  • Photograpy by Esther Kim, model: Lindsey Perlstein.
  • The fisrt design of Hivehold is a backpack toolbox made specifically for fashion, accessories, and fibers designers/students. 
  • Brand Story
    The brand name Hivehold is inspired by the beehive which is compartmentalized and organized. We would like our toolboxes to hold as many things as possible in organized compartments. Hivelod toolboxes promise to have quality and satisfaction is guarteed. The brand Hivehold plans to expand into designing specific toolboxes for different occupations and other hobbies in the near future.
  • Contexual Research
    Sewing box users may include but are not limited to Fashion, accessories, and fibers students. 
    Our team interviewed several sewers and found that they used mostly smaller tools, such as needles, pins and bobbins, but their toolbox compartments were not made to accomodate such small items. They complained that their toolbox was heavy,  falling apart under the weight, being uncomfortable to carry and not being specific to their needs.
    Open up a fashion student's toobox - Photography by Esther Kim.
  • Questionnaire/Interviews
    After interviewing several students and professors in the fashion and fibers department of SCAD, we've got some data which might work as the direction for our design. We also had a better understanding on what they care and the tools which are necessary for them.
  • Interviewing fashion student in Fashion Building in Savannah College of Art and Design - Photography by Yin-Hsiang Lin.
  • Secondary Research
    Our team went on several excursions- to the fashion building, the fibres building, Jo-ann’s fabric, Target, and Blick to find competitive products currently in the market. We determined what was being done right, and wrong, about the size, style, price, and material in order to find the best solution for our concept.
    Some toolboxes were too big. Some toolboxes did not have enough compartments. Some did not have small enough compartments for smaller items. But others had creative ways of holding several 
    organized boxes in one package that made it easy to access and easy to clean up. Some had comfortable handles or ways that made it convenient to travel with as well.
  • Visiting Jo-Ann's Fabric and get the measurement of the existing products.
  • Concepts
    Our team wanted to create a sewing tool backpack that made 
    organizing easy, tools accessible, fashionable for unisex, sturdy yet lightweight, and comfortable to travel with.
    Our final concept contains multiple removable/interchangeable boxes with sewing tool-specific compartments makes orgainzation easy. A separate space for fabric is set at the bottom of the backpack so that tools could not ruin it. On the sides are a open zipper pocket for scissors or shorter rulers which are frequently used. The velcro side strap holds larger items such as T-squares or hip rulers that do not fit inside th backpack.
  • Foam Core Prototyping
    Our team made three rough mock ups in different sizes which were based on measurements of existing toolbox products and backpacks. We then have several people test them and define the dimensions for our final mock up.
    The material for the backpack mock up are 3/16 in foam core boards with vinyl stickers mounted on the surface. Other materials such as zippers and velcros were also used for the pockets.
  • Final mock up user testing - photography by Esther Kim, model: Lindsey Perlstein.