Christmas at the Marks

  • Christmas at the Marks
    A wholesome family Christmas Party
  • These posters were made for a friends Christmas party as invitations and party favors. I wrote the copy, shot the photos and designed the posters. The invitation read as follows: 
    Well folks, it's that time of year. We've made our list. We've checked it twice. We know you're all naughty because well… we're not exactly nice. Any-hoo, whether you were good or bad this year, you still made it on our list (which means you're not ugly) so come to Christmas at The Marks! There will be decorations, music, festive beverages and impromptu caroling. Don't know the words to any Christmas songs? That's OK! Neither does Derek, but that's never stopped him! While we will be providing some Christmas "spirits", supplies are limited (and plus that stuff goes bad right when you open it, so we'll have to drink it fast) so while you're doing your last minute xmas shopping swing by the store and BYOBooze. Before you get stuck with your family, while freezing your eyeballs as your dad cuts down a Christmas tree, feeling bad for yourself because none of your friends have a blinking red nose, protecting your house from two pesky burglars and an evil thermostat, and have to watch your mom cry while reading " Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Clause" for the 22nd year and a row (oh wait, that's just Becca) come on by, we'd enjoy your company!