Fight For The Greater Good

  • Design taught me to fight for the greater good.

    As designers, we are making lots of choices, many of which we don't fully recognize the power of. As designers, it is our responsibility to always be fighting for the greater good, to never settle, and to make decisions that take into consideration worldly and ethical consequences.

    Everything we do places some kind of impact.
    Design has taught me to be more conscious of the decisions I'm making and more aware of their repercussions at large.

    Let's push our clients to make environmentally conscious and friendly decisions.

    Let's continue pushing the limits of design.

    Let's redefine the standards of our industry.

    Let's share honest and positive stories.

    Let's build each other up, not tear each other down.

    Let's support one another.

    Let's continue fighting for the greater good.

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