Creative Professionals: SCAD Hong Kong

  • Overview
    As part of an ongoing fight against the society's stigma towards artistic success, the Creative Professionals campaign features students of the Savannah College of Art & Design who, based on their life stories, have crippled the negative opinions of their past in order to stand above the expectations of their future.
    Though society continues to label us based on our personal flaws, disabilities and unpopular beliefs, the goal of every artist is to impact and influence. This ongoing fight against the stereotypes of a 'successful' career is manifested by our persistence to the things that we are most passionate about. We are not what people or our physical disabilities say we are, nor do we accept the stereotypes or labels placed on artists; we are creative professionals
  • Portraits of the participants
  • Inspiration
  • Steve Jobs
    Considered the world's greatest technology innovator. He was popular for his establishment of Apple, and though today we see how his company continues to grow and adapt to new social needs, his creative psychology remains consistent. He strived for excellence regardless of difficulty and saught to find creative ways to solve the simple things in life. Steve Jobs was a creative professional who believed that society's classification of the "the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes" were in fact the ones who see things differently".
    Ash Thorp
    Thorp's wide range of digital media skills blurs his classification as a motion designer and makes him one of today's most exceptional creative professionals. In one of his podcasts he hosts along with Andrew Hawryluk, called The Collective Podcast, Ash Thorp makes mention of his challenge in school having dyslexia. Evidently, Ash has inspired thousands around the world regardless of his childhood challenges through persistence and passion.
  • Visual propoganda
  • Everyone has the ability to impact and inspire the world with their passion.
  • The Savannah College of Art & Design is not directly affiliated with this project; this project was completed for my Creative Thinking Strategies class (DSGN 115) under the supervision of Professor David Smith.
    All participants in this project agreed to share personal information about their life stories, giving me right to display such information. However I have decided to keep their personal stories withheld for moral reasons.
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