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    Collective Noun Project
    The objective of this project was to choose an animal collective noun and illustrate it while including the first letter of the collective noun in the composition. 
  • Process
    To start off the process I did 15 thumbnail sketches of the collective nouns that were the most appealing to me. The few thumbnails that I liked the most were "Ballet of Swans", "Sleuth of Bears", and "Team of Ducks".
  • I decided to go with "Sleuth of Bears" because I loved the concept of making the bears appear as detectives. I looked up references of brown bears and did a few sketches to get a basic feel for how bears look from different angles.
  • I then started to play around with props that the bears could use, such as a magnifying glass and detective's hat.
  • The characters in the above sketch are what I decided to base my final piece off of. 
  • The next step in my process was to continue to develop the final composition. I sketched out three bears and went over them with marker to get a feel for how I would carve them into lino for my print. 
    After that I drew a more clean sketch of the bears. 
  • I scanned the sketch into the computer and traced over the lines in Photoshop, which can be seen in the image below.
  • Next I started stylizing the characters and adding more line weight to the drawing so that I could easily trace it onto lino and visualize how the illustration would print.
  • After drawing some more, I decided to modify the composition by removing the detective badge, as seen in the composition on the above right. 
  • After filling in the entire drawing, I arrived at the piece below.
  • I realized that the bear on the right looked awkward and decided to modify the piece. 
    I removed the lines at the top of the drawing and replaced them with a solid color. I also inverted the color of the letter "S" because I felt that when it was black it was easily lost in the composition. I added the paw prints and the line around the letter "S" to help with eyeflow. Finally I changed the style of the bears' eyes because I felt that they looked off in the first piece. 
  • The drawing below is the final composition that I used for my print.
  • The next step in my process was to transfer the drawing onto the lino using carbon paper. 
    I cut out the lino and began the printmaking process.
  • Final
  • Super Sleuths, 2015