The Shrink

  • The Shrink
  • Editorial Illustration from Smithsonian magazine.

    My concept was to illustrate the beauty of greenlands landscape and a butterfly's wing.
    Since they are already small animals, i wanted to put empasis on the size element in my illustration.

  • I rendered the insect with Copic multiliners and Zebra ballpoint pens.
    With a hint of graphite in the shadows to give a nice traditional texture before digitally finishing it.
  • I tried an option excluding the paper texture of the origianl scan, 
    but the values were a little too light for my taste, despite the elegance this solution provided.
  • The second solution was to add a light blue-green gradient overlayed on top of the drawing.
    The contrast of colors worked well, but i wanted stay more true to the landscape colors and the trees 
    at the bottom of the wings were a little too dark with the gradation.
  • Final visual was a combination of both earlier solutions.
    The paperclip was painted digitally.