• Designing animated characters for GoAnimate
    Creating characters with selectable actions
  • I was invited to be a beta tester for GoAnimate.com, a website where users can create animation from pre-designed elements and can share them on sites like Facebook or YouTube.  I have created several animated characters for the studio, including a Wolfman, a Dragon and an Artist character.  These characters have a menu of "actions" that users can choose from to create animated stories.

    My goal was to create characters that could be used in multiple situations and match stylistically with the other elements in the website, so I kept their actions basic.  They were also designed to be combined with elements on the website (ex. The Dragon's fire breathing action has no fire, so the user can use fire from the website or get creative with a lazer or a fireball.)

    I animated these characters in Flash and they had to be specifically formatted in Actionscript to be able to function within the online studio.
  • The Wolfman character has selectable actions in the GoAnimate Studio including running and walking.
  • The Dragon character has selectable actions in the GoAnimate Studio including flight and breathing fire. 
  • The Artist character was an experiment with lip sync and more specific acting within the GoAnimate Studio.