Men of Style Encapsulated - Cadillac + Esquire

  • An editorial and digital integrated marketing collaboration between Esquire magazine and Cadillac. The concept was the pair both brand to support the aligned to the Cadillac brand with the introduction of NY Fashion Week: Mens, which launched in September of 2015. This integrated marketing campaign was promoted as a 10-page pull-out booklet from the September issue of Esquire, as a day-in-the-life video shoot with four influence tastemakers, Brenmar (DJ), Curtis Kulig (Artist), JJ Johnson (Chef), + Sean Sullivan (Photographer). 
    Below is the final work of the advertorial layouts, day-in-the-life videos, and digital collateral (responsive hero digital units and promotional / social posts)

    Creative Director: Alison DeBenedictis 
    Art Director: George Garrastegui, Jr. 
    Marketing Director: John Courtney
    Photographer / Director: Josh Rothstein
    Production Services: The Bend Creative
    HMG Digital Project Manager: Meagan Greene

  • ... From concept to premiere, “Men of Style Encapsulated” was a ten-month endeavor, according to Hearst Men’s Group Art Director, George Garrastegui, Jr. And much had already gone on behind the scenes before Rothstein was brought on. Though the videos were primarily documentary, Garrastegui says he and his team wanted them to reflect Cadillac’s “Dare Greatly” campaign, which features pioneers in different fields, such as Steve Wozniak and Richard Linklater, in order to position Cadillac as an innovative brand. The “Dare Greatly” spots employ luxury car ad techniques such as lens flare, gritty but picturesque city streets, and the majesty of slow motion. But the ads focus on the celebrity innovators as much as—if not more than—the car.

  • A video to show how the Hearst Digital Marketing HERO unit
    works w/ custom Cadillac + Esquire creative.

  • 15sec. trailers for each tastemaker: Brenmar, Curtis, JJ, Sean