Cuban Cigars | Exitos

  • A branding project to commemorate the milestone of the Cuban - American relationship. The brief was to create and brand a special edition Cuban Cigar that is to be launched at the Calle Ocho festival in Miami.
  • The Cigar is a proud embodiment of the spirit of Cuba. This national treasure and grand cultural export is a testament of their artistry, hand crafted by the best and has come to be globally recognized as the ultimate pursuit of perfection. Life’s greatest feats and milestones are therefore best savored while smoking a Cuban cigar. Both these crowning glories equally complement each other, just as the relationship between America and Cuba once did. As both these great nations now embark on a new journey of friendship, the ever elegant cigar, a refined pleasure enjoyed by both cultures, stands to help bridge many decades of divide.
    The pursuit of excellence is a deep rooted sentiment, shared by cigar aficionados the world over. It is what drives and defines their life’s work. The pinnacle of their achievements therefore, is best realized when they celebrate these rare milestones, with something of equally rare accomplishment. Crafted by Cuba’s master blenders with the sole aim of achieving a highly refined taste, this fine masterpiece is elegance personified. 
  • Man is a determined creature. No matter the circumstance, opposition or elements, there is an inherent calling to seek, push, improve and transcend. It is a perpetual process. A necessity of the human spirit to constantly advance. Seeking new grounds to break and challenging to raise the bar higher. These restless souls and titans of industry aren’t ones who’ll easily settle or rest. They belong to a league on to themselves – A league of exemplary gentlemen. 

  • Student Project
    Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta
    Group Members: 
    Samyu Murali - Art Direction, Design, Strategy
    Gina Son - Art Direction, Design, Strategy
    Prithu S Kumar - Copywriting, Strategy