Johnny's Fine Foods | Identity System

  • Johnny's Fine Foods 
    Brand Identity System
    Johnny’s Fine Foods is a spice brand established in the 1950's. They now have a wide range of products from seasoning salts and master blends to dressings and marinades. While Johnny's expanded their product range, their identity has remained the same. To appeal to a new market, a major rebranding was required.  
    Johnny's is centered around fresh, quick and healthy ingredients that contributes to creating a tasty meal.The whole persona provides an opportunity to reposition Johnny's as the best choice for health conscious individuals with a refined palette.
    Proposed Target Audience
     -      24 – 60 year old men and women.
     -      Has a good amount of disposable income.
     -      Younger section is very tech friendly and always on the go.
     -      The older section also has some basic knowledge of technology and the latest gadgets.
     -      Health conscious individuals with a passion for cooking.
    Consumer Persona
    1. The Loyalist : A loyal user of Johnny’s, the loyalist prefers to stick to tried and tested brands that she knows and trusts. 
    2. The Tester : A connoisseur of cooking, the tester may be a professional or just simply like to dabble and create dishes in his home.
    3. The Newbie : This type of user is new to cooking and has little to no experience.    
    Rebrand Objectives
    -     Position the product as the perfect accompaniment to family dinners and home cooked meals.
    -     Highlight the key product features to the proposed target audience.

    -     Form a cohesive brand design that can be incorporated into various  elements such as package design,
          website and mobile app.
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    Savannah College of Art and Design
    ADVE 715: Digital Production Strategies