A service that helps competitive marathon, cycling, and triathlon racers relax and focus during race weekend.

    Traveling for a marathon, cycling, or triathlon race creates stress for racers, causing them to waste energy by dealing with the weekend logistics instead of using that energy positively to focus on the race.

    From research and conceptual ideation, I developed the brand, Aurora. Athletes who sign up for Aurora receive transportation to all race-related events (packet pickup, pasta dinners, race day), exclusive weekend deals and promotions for tourism and restaurants within the race city, around-the-clock staff to answer all questions, a race essentials kit, spa massages and health care, and VIP access to the Aurora tent at the post-race expo.

    The brand name derives from the concept of an aurora, which happens when the sun pushes charged ions into the earth’s magnetic field. The brand represents the sun by taking care of all race logistics and the well-being of the racers, which ultimately provides those racers with the positive energy needed throughout race weekend.

    The identity program was designed to highlight Aurora's key attributes: Focus, Movement, Well-Being, Balance, Desirable, and Guide. The use of circles throughout the branding conveys movement and represents energized molecules in the atmosphere during an aurora. The color palette was designed to create enough of a contrast to represent the active and calm energy flowing in and out of a racer who uses the brand's services. A bright green and bright purple are used on each end of the color spectrum with the lined-up dots to act as a guide by drawing the eye in on each side. As the eye wanders towards the middle of the lined-up dots, the colors become more muted to create the feeling of entering a focused atmosphere.

    Merit Award Graphis New Talent Annual February 2016

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