Einstein's Dreams

  • Visual reinterpretation of Einstein's Dreams, a book written by Alan Lightman. The book is a collection of fictional short stories, which portray a series of surrealistic dreams experienced by the young Albert Einstein during his studies on the Theory of Relativity.

  • The book talks about life and death. The main character in every story is time. In each story, time assumes a different form, which influences the lives and days of the characters.

  • The main concept for the visual translation of the stories is their surrealist nature. Every story was designed from a traditional grid system, which would then be deconstructed according to the specific nature of each story.

  • Uniformity is created from the grid and the typography, while the deconstruction manifests each story's unique character.​​​​​​​

    Minli Dong model
    Mariângela Zilli photographer
    Sohee Kwon mentor