:BOTTLE BUILDING: Andy Warhol Museum Annex :FUND-II

  • “My fascination with letting images repeat and repeat - or in film's case 'run on' - manifests my belief that we spend much of our lives seeing without observing.” –Andy Warhol.
  •        Seeing without observing is the reason we have ‘ordinary objects’. Through observation, our brains collect only the necessary to remember an object. Enough information is remembered that we no longer have a NEED to observe the object, but instead, just see and recognize it at a glance. Using repetition, artists such as Andy Warhol call attention to ordinary things and transform their mundane silhouettes into iconic masterpieces. This building's design plays on the same principle of repetition, but in a more sophisticated way. Recycling and defamiliarizing a bottle using surface articulation transforms an ordinary object we “see” into one we “observe.” The interior atmosphere is enhanced by the high levels of surface articulation that protrude inward. Inspiration for the apertures came from the original material articulation of dented objects. By denting the surface of the building, apertures logically and stylistically fell within those dents to create exquisite internal shadows as well as an interesting street view. The result of this technique is a one-of-a-kind, eyecatching building that greets the visitors and residents of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.