•    My collection "Skazanie" is about the two monk hermits, Osliaba and Peresvet. They were two well known and respected  merchants, but also skilled warriors. However, they left the riches and the violent battles for a search of more peaceful world, as well as within themselves. For many years the two warriors worked as monks tilling the garden in secluded monastery. One day a great lord came to seek for them as spiritual leaders for his troops. During that time the Slavic nations were at war but had a common enemy who threatened them all. Osliaba and Peresvet joined the troops with no weapons but their "schems", which were special kind of monk garments adorned with prayers. The two monks sacrificed themselves in a battle, in order to unite the Slavic people to stand against their common enemy .
        The collection is for Autumn/Winter, created with fine wool which is illuminated with old Cyrillic text from the saga. The raised letters give depth to the multiple layers, which uncover to let the viewer read collection as a story. The silhouettes and letters are elongated which is reminiscent of the monk attire. "Skazanie" is a collection that combines the old traditional tailoring and silhouettes with modern interpretation. 
       The garments are meant to draw attention to the old tale, and how it can be seen as an allegory for the struggles of modern day. Only through peace and unity will we overcome hostility.
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  • Process Book : exploring cyrillic letters and monk clothing 
  • Process Book : exploring cyrillic letters and monk clothing 
  • Illustration and flats of look 1 
  • Final line up of SKAZANIE