Luxury and Fashion Management MFA Thesis Intent

  • The thesis topic combines all of my personal and academic interests. The goal is to create a research project that is not only thorough and holistic academically, but also relevant to today's complex, interconnected world.
  • The current consumer car-buying process derived from the 2015 Car Buyer of the Future Survey by AutoTrader, Inc. Key initial findings highlight the importance of researching Online first and then visiting in-store to complete test drives, deals and price negotiations, financing paperwork, and returning later for car services and maintenance.
  • The evolving consumer car-buying process derived from the 2015 Car Buyer of the Future Survey by AutoTrader, Inc. Key initial findings indicate that consumers increasingly expect the journey to be digitized and sufficient for a number of devices. Consumers are beginning to dictate the process by researching, entering, exiting, and buying at a number of different points along the journey.
  • Consumers are increasingly using multiple digital devices to shop for and experience cars.
  • Making the move past traditional, passive media and the current social and mobile media marketing "buzz" into a more digitally interactive and immersive space that creates customizable, exciting, and meaningful connections with digitally-integrated consumers.
  • An interdisciplinary collaboration with professors from these backgrounds provides comprehensive insight, advice, and support through a variety of design thinking at all levels from planning, ideation, strategizing, implementation, and management in thesis topic and thesis completion.