Pit Bull Social Awareness Poster

  • Overview
    One of the most recognized breeds as “aggressive” is the Pit Bull. There are many stigmas towards Pit Bulls and people believe they are attack dogs rather than the fun, loving breed they are capable of. There is even Breed Specific Legislation(BSL) that bans “identified agressive breeds” to prevent more dog attacks. The sad truth is that the savage owners are the ones to blame for their misconception. Pit Bulls are truthfully as vicious as their owners, and unfortunately they have been misidentified with the wrong people. 
    Hard Truth
    Pit bulls are subjected to an almost unimaginably cruel world, in which they are subjected to every kind of violence -- and then, at the end of it, are euthanized in shelters at shockingly high rates, because families are afraid to bring them home, landlords won’t rent to the families who do bring them home and localities impose restrictions on their ownership, despite ample evidence that these restrictions do nothing to improve public safety.
    My goal for the poster is to convey that Pit Bulls are not the misjudged breed of dog that the media portrays them as. I really wanted to show the fact that Pit Bulls, and all dogs, for that matter are as dangerous as their owners and they are a true reflection of themselves. Through my two dimensional poster, I want to show dogs in different situations, outfits, and types of owners that may own a Pit Bull or dog. Using Charley’s head adapted on these different outfits, I thought that is a great way to show how one dog, can be different in so many ways, leaving the choice of what your dog could become up to you.