Financial Magazine Rebrand, Illustrations & Layout

  • ETF Report Magazine
    Branding, Illustration & Layout

    Rebranding, art direction, illustration, and layout of financial magazine ETF Report. 

    Collaborated with editorial team to do a complete brand overhaul of the publication ETFR which provided news and analysis of the Exchange Traded Fund market. We decided to change the name of the magazine to ETF Report, completely rebrand the visual identity, and update the editorial format. The goal was to create a financial magazine that felt fresh, modern, and a bit edgy, while continuing to provide the highly accurate data and analysis that the publication was known for. We decided to focus the design direction on typographic and illustration solutions that could be created in-house every month on a very slim budget. The focus on illustrations rather than photography provided wonderful creative freedom and helped the magazine stand out amongst all of its competitors who had photo driven layouts. The vibrant color palette, use of white space, and interjection of humor also contributed to the magazine's unique and identifiable branding that set it apart from other financial magazines. 

  • —  B E F O R E   &   A F T E R  — 

  • —  R E B R A N D   P R O C E S S  — 
    paper selection, color palette development, mood boards, and design exploration

  • Production: 
    Each issue had between 3-6 feature stories, and was approximately 40-60 pages in length. It was produced in-house monthly in the US, and after great success was launched in the UK on a quarterly basis. I oversaw the art direction and cover illustrations of the magazine, and collaborated with an editorial designer on the page layout. Between the US and UK magazines, we produced 16 issues in-house each year. 

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  • —  F E A T U R E   P A G E   L A Y O U T S  —

  • —  D E P A R T M E N T    L A Y O U T S  —

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    Art Direction, Illustration, Design & Layout 
    Jeannine Gaubert Pamoukdjian

    Design & Layout
    Patrick Hamaker

    (Project date: 2012-2016)