Domtar. Evolving Paper.

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    Despite the current question of how long physical books will last, as a graphic designer, I find the palpable experience to be the best way to materialize a project. 

    Paper books provide a tactile experience that aids in the reading process. Thereupon, Domtar Papers has developed the necessary materials to enhance both the quality as well as the customer experience of products and ideas. As a company, Domtar seeks to develop the graphic value of their customers’ work.

    This promotional sample booklet explores multiple types of paper in a creative manner in order to appeal to most of the customers’ senses. The narrative includes the display of various insects mixed with the social context of New York City Lower East Side during the year 1908. Along with the exquisite and unusual imagery and the unconventional type manipulation, there is a fictional voice in which the story is narrated that ties all the different elements together.
    Furthermore, some of the details included on the booklet, such as the folding and the die cutting, are used as a way to intrigue the reader. The interactive design of the book allows for the customer to keep his full and undeniable attention on the book.