The Fight of the Century

  • The Fight of the Century
    The Haymaker: A Trade Gothic Specimen Poster
  • A student project, we were told to select a typeface and create a type specimen sheet.  I chose my favorite typeface, Trade Gothic.  The specimen sheet needed to contain a logotype as well as properly reflect the typeface, not only showing off the different glyphs but also giving some insight into the time period and the uses of the typeface.  I decided to create a boxing poster advertising what I call "The Fight of the Century," this due to the fact that the two boxers, Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson, would have never have battled due to weight differences.  I chose these two boxers because they were the top boxers in the during the 50's and 60's, the time in which Jackson Burke designed the family.  Also, Trade Gothic is known for its use in headlines, posters, and advertisements due to the condensed nature of the font and vertically clipped serifs, allowing the letters to set well when used in all caps.

    Both Illustrations were done by myself. The Haymaker Logotype was created in Illustrator and the poster was laid out in Indesign.  The worn textures were then added afterward in Photoshop.

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