Haystack - Game Application

  • Haystack! is an game designed for iPhone based on the physical game "Pick Up Sticks" many of us may remember from childhood. The objective of the project was to turn a physical game into a digital interface. 
    After much research of existing applications, games and digital interfaces, I came to the conclusion that there is no practical way to transfer a pile of sticks into the digital world while still creating an engaging user experience. I needed to find another solution. 
    Haystack! was born. 
  • Much like the physical game "Pick Up Sticks", Haystack! requires players to evaluate positioning and placement of objects and make fast decisions based on these factors to earn points. However, Haystack! speeds this decision making process up and creates anxiety for the user by showing colored hay falling down the screen at a rapid pace. The user must swipe the hay to the left or right of the screen before it falls below the screen to earn points. Different point values are awarded based on the color of the hay swiped. 
  • In order to add another layer of complexity and create more user anxiety, needles will also periodically drop. The user must tap the needle before it falls below the screen or it's game over. As the game continues, the same basic motions of swiping hay and tapping needles will continue, however the size and speed of the falling hay and needles will begin to vary for more of a challenge. The longer the playtime, the more challenging the game becomes. 
  • Haystack! is incredibally simple, making it easy for users with little technological understanding, yet also enguaging and addictive enough for people with a better understanding of technology.